How to Change Your Spotify Username and Display Name

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Spotify, a powerhouse in the music streaming industry, has become an integral part of our daily lives. While it offers a personalized experience, changing your Spotify username and display name might seem like a challenge. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step approach, complete with a list of effective methods to modify both your Spotify username and display name, ensuring your profile reflects your evolving taste and preferences.

Change Your Spotify Username and Display Name

  1. Understanding Spotify Usernames:

    Spotify assigns a unique username during account creation, primarily for login purposes. Unfortunately, changing this username directly is not a feature currently supported by Spotify. However, there are alternative methods to personalize your profile.

  2. Changing Display Name:

    Start by opening your Spotify app or accessing the web version. Navigate to "Settings" and select "Edit Profile." Here, you can modify your display name – the name visible to others on the platform. This change doesn’t affect your login credentials.

    Steps to Change Display Name:

    • Click on your profile picture.
    • Select Settings.
    • Choose Edit Profile.
    • Adjust your display name and click Save.
  3. Linking Spotify to Facebook:

    Syncing your Spotify account with Facebook is an efficient way to update your display name automatically. This ensures seamless integration and keeps your Spotify profile aligned with your Facebook name.

    Steps to Link Spotify to Facebook:

    • Navigate to Settings.
    • Select Social.
    • Connect your Spotify account to Facebook.
  4. Creating a New Account:

    If you desire a more thorough change, consider creating a new Spotify account. Be aware that this choice results in the loss of playlists and followers. Before proceeding, ensure you've backed up any crucial playlists.

    Steps to Create a New Spotify Account:

    • Log out of your current account.
    • Sign up for a new Spotify account using a different email address.
    • Transfer playlists using online tools if needed.
  5. Transferring Playlists to a New Account:

    For those opting for a new account, use online tools like "Playlist Converters" to transfer playlists effortlessly. This safeguards your carefully curated musical collections.

    Steps to Transfer Playlists to a New Account:

    • Export playlists from the old account.
    • Import playlists to the new account using a Playlist Converter.
  6. Contacting Spotify Support:

    While direct changes to usernames aren't supported, reaching out to Spotify Support may provide insights or alternative solutions. Communicate your situation, and they might offer guidance based on your specific circumstances.

    Steps to Contact Spotify Support:

    • Visit the Spotify support page.
    • Log in to your account.
    • Submit a support request explaining your situation.
  7. Engaging with the Spotify Community:

    Join the conversation with other Spotify users on forums or social media. Expressing the need for customizable usernames may influence future updates that enhance user profile personalization.

  8. Staying Updated on Platform Changes:

    Spotify frequently introduces updates and new features. Stay informed about any changes in username customization policies by following official announcements, release notes, and community forums.

  9. Adjusting Privacy Settings:

    Consider tweaking privacy settings to control your profile visibility and playlist sharing preferences. This ensures you maintain control over who can see your Spotify activity.

    Steps to Adjust Privacy Settings:

    • Navigate to Settings.
    • Choose Privacy Settings.
    • Adjust your preferences for profile visibility and playlist sharing.
  10. Exploring Alternatives:

    If Spotify's limitations persist, explore alternative music platforms that offer more flexibility in personalizing user profiles.

Mastering personalization on Spotify involves understanding the available options to modify both your display name and username. While direct changes to usernames aren't currently supported, tweaking your display name, exploring social media integration, and engaging with customer support are viable alternatives. Stay informed about platform updates, consider available options, and continue enjoying Spotify's personalized musical journey.

This guide aims to empower Spotify users to navigate the nuances of personalization, offering solutions to align their profiles with their evolving preferences. For more tech insights and guides, visit

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