SCP File From Remote to Local

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SCP File From Remote to Local

To copy a file from a remote server to your local machine using scp (Secure Copy Protocol), you can use the following command:

scp [OPTIONS] user@remote:/path/to/file /path/to/local/destination

Here's a breakdown of the components:

  • [OPTIONS] : Optional flags that modify the behavior of the command.

  • user : The username to log in to the remote server.

  • remote : The address or hostname of the remote server.

  • /path/to/file : The location and filename of the file on the remote server.

  • /path/to/local/destination : The destination path on your local machine where you want to save the file.

Some commonly used options with the scp command are:

  • -r : Recursively copy directories and their contents.

  • -P : Specify a custom port number to connect to the remote server.

  • -v : Display verbose output for more detailed information.

Here's an example of how to use scp to copy a file from a remote server to your local machine:

scp user@remote:/path/to/file.txt /path/to/local/destination/

Make sure to replace user, remote, /path/to/file.txt, and /path/to/local/destination/ with the appropriate values for your specific scenario.

You'll be prompted to enter the password for the remote user, unless you have set up key-based authentication. Once the command is executed, the file will be securely copied from the remote server to your local machine.

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